Frazer’s Page

Hello my name is frazer I play basketball  but I also play games like destiny, the witcher3 and borderlands.

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Jack, Toby, Nathan & Williams’s Page

I am  Nathan I like playing minecraft. Im Toby and my glassis ceep falling of . I am Jack and I crash my bicke. My nam is Will I  dont Like Minecraft.

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Jack’s Feed blog


On Tuesdays we have been learning to use Feed. It is about music and it is on a Ipad .You  make  your own sounds and make your own music. I am working with Ben we recodid rulers we  scrapped them together.

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Llewy’s page

Hi I’m Llewy and I’m going to tell you about me.I like game’s (sandbox type like gmod).I don’t like school because the homework I spend most my time indoors playing game’s.My favourite lessen in school is English but my least favourite lesson’s are  maths, music and PE. My favourite game is TF2 is about killing people and capching points.My favourite food is noodles is BBQ,chicken and chines.

What I do to speed up time is sleep sleep is a wonderful thing to do in school and to sleep through the haters…but I don’t get enough of it T_T….there are 3 types of sleep 1:power nap…a power nap is just sleeping for around 20-30 minutes best for when your tired but have something important to do 2:normal sleep is…well do I even need to explain it to you cuz you do it EVERY night (or day depends on what job you have) and then there’s…ALL OUT SLEEP (the one I love the most :3)its basically the same as normal sleep…BUT YOU SLEEP FOR HALF THE DAY.

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Katy’s Page

Hi I am Katie,  I am 12 yers   old and I am very sporty. I like doing trampolining  and net ball but my best sport is football. I won a football game and I am team captain  but some thing you don’t now about me is That I love. Baby’s an I worked in billing blocks two and it is very fun helping out there I earn 25 pounds  a week. My favourite  band is one direction  because they are all  pretty.i like watching twilight because  it keeps  my  sister  away from me because she  is  very  annoying  and very  smelly. And I go to Fairwater high  school and my favorite  teacher  is Mrs Randall  because  she is  a lovely  teacher  and she I is my PE  teacher and as you know I love sport and on the 5 of June 2015 I went to see one direction  live with my 5 best friends and we all  loved it. Now let me tell you a story of  a sleep  over at  mine at4.30pm we hade  to  dress up  my  sister’s  as is she as getting  married and my team one of  course then round 10pm I drew  on my friends  face and put it in my sister  hand  and in the morning  my  sister  got told  of and my friend  was mad and wen every one left I told my mum  that it was me and she laughed  so much she wet her  self  the end.

Thank you for  your reply Mr John  and for your help because next time I will youse it.

Sunday 14th of June I went to a trampolining competition and I came second place over all in the team an my next foot ball Mach is in September so we are practising for the Mach 

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