Oliver’s page

So we’re going to listen to Oliver Magor and he’s going to tell us what he had for Christmas. Hello, my name is Oliver, I had amazing Christmas at Disneyland I wish I could stay every day for Christmas I had some Pokemon DS I also had some games to play on my DS I have some Pokemon cards I had a phone and a pokedex and Pokemon book and I will also had a massive teddy it was the biggest one you could think of I had amazing Christmas at Disneyland have one on every rollercoaster there a set for Indiana Jones on tower of Terror Disneyland my favourite rollercoaster what does Space Mountain have loads of fun playing on it I’m going on it I want I want one of my friends in Disneyland I had loads of friend I loved it it lived up to his name was amazing roller coaster the best one I’ve ever been on.

NB. This was written with dictation.io , a free speech to text engine. It would normally take Oliver 20 minutes or more to write this much compared with the minute or so it took to turn his thoughts to words using the speech-to-text engine. Food for thought…

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