Emrys- some random thoughts

The Black Vision

I slowly and nervously walk into a dark alley way, my right eye starts crying in depression for some reason. I can now hear someone breathing behind me, I suddenly look around and here is no one there, but a dead end but that was the way I walk in. Then a voice talks you have made a big mistake your death will be slow and painful. Suddenly a black figure appears in front of me. His got a knife in his hand and I getting this weird feeling of fear has he walks towards me. He grins and leaps out at me, his knife goes through my heart but I don’t die. Blood flies everywhere and the pain is too much to handle the figure is gone. I sit were waiting…. When I suddenly wake in a hospital and my heart is beating extremely fast. I think to myself that was weird, has a shadow moves weirdly on a wall the face of the shadow is the same as the black figure in the alley way. The shadow walks out of the wall. Its mouth opens to a huge size. In fear I leap of my bed my head lands on the floor of my bedroom. I say to myself what a weird nightmare. Then a voice says those were visions but this is real now you will die and the black figure appears in front of me again. Suddenly my right eye let out tears of depression….



He is really depressed leading to lots of depressing thing and nightmares the black figure is only one of the things his seen in is time of depression.


Idea of how it could start


As I wake up I have this weird feeling like something bad is going to happen but I can’t quite get my finger on it. Anyway I get dressed for school and go down and have breakfast I look out the window has I have my breakfast the trees wave in the wind and the birds singing there morning song to each other. After finishing breakfast I start and walk to school. On the way


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  1. Mr Williams says:

    I might be a random person, based in London, but it’s a bit of a coincidence that my dad was called Emrys too, and Welsh was his first language and English his second, isn’t it? But English is my first and my Welsh is just “Tyma bach”, “Da iawn” and stuff like that.
    I was interested in your piece about the Pokémon but I have never seen one, although I was sitting outside a cafe the other day when my friend said to this chap behind me, “Are you taking pictures of me mate or are you looking for Pokémons?”
    The man said, “Sorry mate. No I’m not taking pictures of you; I’m looking for Pokémons.”
    “Have I got one on me?” my friend asked.
    “No mate,” the stranger replied. “He’s just behind you.”
    The trouble was we couldn’t see it because we didn’t have Pokémon on our phones. It’s a bit dangerous pointing your phone camera at a stranger though.
    I enjoyed your story a lot more. It got me involved by the end of the first sentence and it has the quality of a dream, a bad one!
    I also like the way that it ends and gets us hooked as we wait for the next episode.
    Where did you get the idea from? And has your brother read it? Merlin John

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