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Hi my name is Tyler. I live in South Wales. Mae hobbies are Doctor Who, Marvel, History, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, ps4, Gangs, Girls and Games. Since I was young I loved Doctor who I was fascinating with Time Lords, Space, blue box and monsters. Food I love nearly everything I lick Indian, salad, Chinese and KFC. I like fishing in rivers I watch river monsters big man fish like catfish, piranha, tiger fish, snakehead, eel and bull sharks and more. I am a believer in the paranormal of ghost’s. Mae weaknesses Are bee , wasps, hornets and rides. I like studying warfare down to Romans war, Celts war , Vikings war , Zulus war , Boer war, Napoleonic ,ww1, ww2 , Vietnam war, Russians wars, Indians wars and American wars. On the  I learned that Americans were go in to in fad Canada but Canada was owned by the British. Canada with Indians and British fort them off then American burned Executive mansion but British march dc and fort in a battle that Americans lost and beadle British burned dc and the white house the fire cod be seen from Virginia a bad day for America. I do get interested in groups like the soviets, Nazis and the kkk but soviets are my ferret. Its Christmas time the birth of Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem. we break up on 16 of December we bather Christmas day I’m going to have dvd and games. on Christmas we go to my nans at 5 ash for a family party but it chums chick it wood be new year son after 2017. on TV its Christmas movies and episodes like doctor who , Mrs brown boys , Father Ted and more.


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  1. Mr Williams says:

    Thanks for the quick history lesson Tyler! I don’t know much about the Boer War. Can you tell me something about it?

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