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Hi everyone my name is Tom, My life is awesome, I collect comics and I love marvel. I live with my mum and dad, I live in Caerleon. I am 14 years old, plus there is an amphitheatre. My hobbies are cooking, drama, art and of couse marvel. My best friends are Troy, Joshua and Emrys. The Silver Surfer is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character also appears in a number of movies, television, and video game adaptations. The character was created by Jack Kirby, and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four #48, published in 1966. Sometimes he does suvers Galactus is a big being who destroyed planets  to survive. My favourite superhero is Captain America. Captain America had his superpowers in a science lab. I am kind and funny. My favourite football team is Liverpool and my favourite player was Steven Gerrard but now it is Adam Lallana. I like playing games like star wars battlefront,fifa 16 and outher games. The films I like are Captain America Civil War,Guardians of The Galaxy,Ant Man,Avengers and Doctor Strange. I know Marvel started in 1939 and the was founder Martin Goodman. I also know the palace of their origin was United States.  I know other films coming soon and these are Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2,Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War Part 1, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War Part 2, Captain Marvel. And I just found out we lost Bill Paxton at the age of 61 he was born in 1955 and in 2017. My favourite colour is blue and I like pizza and Chinese.

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  1. Mr Williams says:

    Tell me more about the amphitheatre please Tom!

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