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Natasha will tell you all about Green Light next week.

well the idea of Green light is that she is a  high school girl and she can’t feel emotion and she Green Light is not a nice person, she hurts  people to get what she wants.  The blue things are her wings and the train is her hair and the amulet well it is the thing that all my characters have on them. And the thing on her eye is the thing that she see into the focha and you are not  supposed to see what on her eye until the end of the game.

Thank you for replying Mr John.

Well it started off  when she was a kid and  some one  sneaked  into her room and frightened  her and made her evil and then one day she went crazy. and she could see a girl name Magica ,   who was meen to Green Light. she hit Green Light and then Green Light want to kill Magica.

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  1. Merlin John says:

    You know, I have always been a bit of mug for superheroes, from swapping Superman and all the old comics years ago (I am pretty old!). Over the years I find it hard to keep up with all the publications and movies and end up like a boring old git going, “Yes, but that’s just like…”
    What I really like about your work is that it looks distinctive – that is it doesn’t look like anything else I have seen lately (e.g. not like Green Lantern). And it looks dynamic, as if it is really about to do something, not just sit there.
    So please tell me a bit more about your superhero. I’m intrigued about the high collars and the sort of ‘train’ that goes over the head and comes down the left hand side. Or is it a scimitar? I also want to know about the difference in the eyes and the ‘amulet’ around the neck – extra powers?

  2. Merlin John says:

    Wow Natasha. You’ve got me hooked now. Again, that is really original and distinctive – not so much a superhero as a super anti-hero. No nicey nicey, sweet superhero.
    It’s a great idea and leaves your readers really wanting explanations. How did she get this way? Should we be scared and avoid her? Or can we be confident that in the end she can deal with her challenges and do the right thing? I think you have laid the ground for a really interesting story and I would be pleased to know more. Well done.

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