The Troy Tribunal

Hi everyone, my name is Troy. My sister is 5 years old and she is a rascal and I am 14 years old and I live in Abergavenny and that is in the UK and am Welsh and I can speak Welsh as well. My favourite game is GTA on my laptop.

I live in Brynmawr too, but in a flat when i stay with my Dad and his girlfriend and my dog.

My favourite friends are Tom, Emrys, Joshua, Tyler and Jacob. My sister is a menis but symtaims she is bossy and kind.

My bryther owns Lewis taxis.
my mad uwst to wyrc A Lewis that is a  lorries cymni .
It is Christmas taem and I cant waet becos I im hath in tortoise and my sister is as wel and maen is cold flash




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One Response to The Troy Tribunal

  1. Mr Williams says:

    It sounds like your sister can be a bit of a pain but secretly you love her lots really? Is she excited about Christmas?

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