The Emrys Express

Hi someone random, my name is Emrys and I have a twin sister and a older brother. I live in the UK. My favourite animal are otters and there are 13 different type of otters in the world. I like drawing and playing video game at moment I’m only been playing Pokémon. I can’t wait for sun and moon. Out of the new starters I’m going to pick Popplio (the water type). My sister had a hamster called Lilly but it died after 2 and a half years :(. I started playing Pokémon in 2009 and my first game was pearl but I wanted diamond I choose Turtwig. I now have 9 Pokémon games and soon have 11. I go to scouts every Tuesday. I’ve got a total of 3 shiny Pokémon and they are a Soslosis, Goomy witch is now a Goodra and a Snubbull. My first language is Welsh and my second is English.

Pokémon is a game on the 3ds and was on the Gameboy first with Pokémon Red and Blue. Pokémon was first published in 1996. In the 1st generation there were 151 Pokémon but only 150 there catchable without a glitch. There were 15 types: Bug, Grass, Water, Fire, Flying, Dragon, Fighting, Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Poison, Ice, Rock, Ground and Electric. Then in generation 2 Dark and Steel there added and in generation 6 Fairy. Some types are immune to other types some effective and not effective. There are also 6 stats HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack , Special Defence and Speed. There are 721 Pokémon you can get that the moment, but generation 7 is coming out in November 18 for most of the world but Europe is getting it in November 23.


My story- Part 1

The Boy Who Went To War

The Beginning of Death


I suddenly wake up to the loud noise of gun fire and the flickering fire. I look out of the window in my room and I see some of the village houses burning down. I slowly and nervously walk out on to the landinsil, light from the fires outside through the window. Bang! The front door crash opened and two soldiers walk in. Luckily they not notest me, the two soldiers walk into the living room I hear a louder sound of gun fire like if it so a lot closer. Then I hear the sound of my parents screaming. My older brother runs up the stairs and whispers to me “There trying to capture us”. We open the window as quietly as we can then we jump out of the opened window and run as fast as are legs can carry us. Suddenly we freeze in fear. We hear someone behind us breathing. I feel his breath on the back of my neck…

My eyes slowly open as I look around to see where I am its dark and I can see the edges of the room there is a door across the room I feel it moving and bumping up and down. I can hear voices on the other side. After a while of sitting there the bumping stops, the doors open slowly and I can see there are other children from the village in the truck my eyes look around nervously trying to find my brother but he’s not there. The doors fully open and I see two soldiers standing there with smiles on their faces. They get everyone out of the truck and make us walk into a huge hall. At the front of the hall is a stage and there’s a command standing on it. He shouts out “ATTENTION”. We all suddenly look at him.

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  1. Mr Williams says:

    I might be a random person, based in London, but it’s a bit of a coincidence that my dad was called Emrys too, and Welsh was his first language and English his second, isn’t it? But English is my first and my Welsh is just “Tyma bach”, “Da iawn” and stuff like that. I was interested in your piece about the Pokémon but I have never seen one, although I was sitting outside a cafe the other day when my friend said to this chap behind me, “Are you taking pictures of me mate or are you looking for Pokémons?” The man said, “Sorry mate. No I’m not taking pictures of you; I’m looking for Pokémons.” “Have I got one on me?” my friend asked. “No mate,” the stranger replied. “He’s just behind you.” The trouble was we couldn’t see it because we didn’t have Pokémon on our phones. It’s a bit dangerous pointing your phone camera at a stranger though. I enjoyed your story a lot more. It got me involved by the end of the first sentence and it has the quality of a dream, a bad one! I also like the way that it ends and gets us hooked as we wait for the next episode. Where did you get the idea from? And has your brother read it? Merlin John journalist -London.

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