Jack, Toby, Nathan & Williams’s Page

I am  Nathan I like playing minecraft. Im Toby and my glassis ceep falling of . I am Jack and I crash my bicke. My nam is Will I  dont Like Minecraft.

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  1. Merlin John says:

    Wow, the first young person I’ve come across that doesn’t like Minecraft. Everyone I’ve met so far seems to think it’s great, even the girls. Good for you Will – you don’t have to follow the crowd. But Id love to know why you don’t like it. Could you tell us a bit more?
    Maybe you are an action kind of guy like Jack. He reminds me of my my brother who would crash my bike for me – I suppose it saved me from crashing it (it usually hurts). When he went down the hill and hit the cemetery wall and flew straight over I was pleased I wasn’t on it with him. Using the brakes usually helps 😉
    So why do the glasses keep falling off Toby? A bad fit? Maybe you’ll end up like those older people who use a bit of cord so that their glasses at least stay around their necks when they fall off – and don’t fall on to the floor and break. I think I have seen Mr Williams use them. He could tell you where to get them from.
    Finally, Nathan, I’d like to see what you can do with Minecraft. I had a look at what Lewis and Cory did and it was really good. They created a wood, and there were even ducklings

  2. Carol Allen says:

    OH NO Toby! Glasses that fall off all the time a real pain, especially when you are trying to work! Mine fell of into my dinner the other evening…we were having chicken curry so they ended up all smeary and messy! YUK. They also cause me grief when I forget where I put them..I spent ages searching the other day…and they were on my head! However, I do like wearing glasses, even with all the issues…I think I look far more clever when I wear them 🙂

    Hello Will…I find it interesting that you don’t like Minecraft as so many people do, but it is probably because you have different interests. What do you like to do/play/get involved with? Are you more of a sporty person? Or musical? I think it is always fine to say you don’t like something, but why not also tell us something that you do like and why?

    Oh Jack..hope you are OK? Reading your blog, I am left wondering what happened? Where did you crash? Are you hurt? Is the bike hurt? So many questions…it would be really interesting to hear more as now I am trying to guess what the whole story might be!

    Hello Nathan, I am pleased that you like Minecraft, so do I but I am not very good with it, still learning. I watch the videos on You Tube to get ideas from more experienced players and try some of their hints and tips. Perhaps you could write some hints and tips as a blog post for new players like me?

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