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I made this castle because of  Saint David’s day and I came 2nd. I made the design my self. And it took two days to make.


tuch grind bmx is a game for i phons or i pods. you can unlock new bikes and maps.


My Music on the SPC App.

I made this music on Mr Williams app called spc by mikrosonic. There are 16 boxes and each one has a different  sound in it.To play the sounds you haft to tap them to start and stop them. This was my first go

Clash Of Clans.

there is a new update 4 clash of clans and it is based on Halloween you can get new stuff  for  your base . You can attack a base to get money to get stuff for your base .


Parkour is doing jumps and backflips jumping from 1 roof to another its fun to do when your out with your friends.

January 15

The Boy Who Lived Before

He said he lived before and he nose how he died he nose his mum and dads name and has a black and white dog. He said that he lived on the side of a beach and the house was white he said he lived in a place called  Barra. When they went to Barra there was a white and black house on the side of the beach but nobody lived there they went to the landlord to see who lived there before it was his old mum he said to his new mum my old dad died in a car crash. the landlord told them where she lives now they went there and there was a black and white dog outside when they where inside he did not recognise his old mum but his dad did die in a car crash and he was right about the names.

I think this is true

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  1. Mr Williams says:

    Hi Drew, I liked your music because It was good and funny.It was all different beats of music.It was on for a long time.from Abby.

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