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I kept hitting a chicken 10 times a row a zombie tried to get me but I tried  away from it but it grab my leg  so i put block on is arm.Next week I would like to billed a  big  is house and to see a creeper.


we have played on scratch on a question game and  Drum machine on sir’s tablet .



I star to play Lego digital designer. I made a train track and it was hard.

next time I would like to make a scrap yard. I  have played the a dirt bike game on the Nintendo 3 ds.

I like it because you get to ride a stunt bike in a race . I don’t like coming  in last.


I like going on car cruises because you get see lots of fast cars.

here is a car cruise .

There is a lot of car in a car cruise there can be up to 100 car in one or more.

do you have a car or a motorbike then you can come to one in your town

like this or different you can come


or a car

More about cars…..

A Mark 1 Golf is

photo credit: Thomas’s Pics via.

You can get a decent one on gumtree and eBay.

The price for Mark 1 Golf? is £7,500 on gum tree but on eBay you  it’s get a mark 1 golf with one owner for  £24,992.00.

the top speed was 180 km/h (some 110 km/h).

on eBay you can get parts for    seats =£1,000 to £5,000

wheels =£0.99 to £470.00       engine=£100 to £325

if you can not afford that then you can a phone someone who  is breaks one  on-line and then  mite be lucky so try going on eBay or Gun tree.

parts on Gum tree                                                                    seats= £1000 to £4000

wheels=£10 to£470                                                               engine=£100 to £325

19.3.14. we did some spelling like  eer ere ear and air are are  here is some of them here,fair,stair,wear, square, tear deer career


Here is a 1975 Beetle you might have  see one from the film the Love Bug or Herby.

You  can go and get one on  Gum Tree or eBay in mint condition  from South Africa

for £1,875

On eBay there is one of the 1975 beetle for £205.00




today I am going to tell you about a Polo coupe fox .


the Polo cope fox was made by vw and fox all so help billed to car.


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