A Bit About Me

Hello my name is Stephanie and I am in year 8. I come from Llantarnam school  after school I walk with my aunty Cath we walk up to the houses for my mum to pick us up from school when I get home I play on my x box and play Minecraft. every Wednesday I go to karate with my mum’s friend Gwen she takes me to karate up in Blaenavon. I go with Gwen’s sister Gwen Ryan and my boy friend Alex we’ve been going to karate for a few weeks and all of us are a white belt at the moment karate starts at 5-7 pm our grading is in November and when I get back to Gwen’s sisters house I have tea up there before I go home.on the weekend I clean my guine pig  out his name is called pip. I am still  going to karate.

In karate I’ve been doing hand technique self defence kick technique  and all thing like that  and i know how do count backwards anna two set net also relbo and it gos on and on.


In the holidays i went  to oak tree farm with mum kahlay cath lauren eleanor charlie joan deb darsy we went to see the animals inside first before we see the other animals out side all of us bout a bag of food for 50p we feed the animals inside before we did the animals out side.

Jan 2015

On Saturday I got up and had a shower, cleaned my teeth, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.  Then I went to my room and got my ipod touch out and my little speaker and plugged them both in to each other. I listened to music while playing on my xbox. I went on minecraft and started to build a big house. I made the house out of gold and diamond, I was on creative world where I can have all free blocks so I won’t run out of them, unlike if I was on survival. I hate survival because you can lose all your stuff by dying and then you have to mine and get all the blocks all over again, but it can be fun some times. I was on creative to make my house, I made the size of the house 20 blocks long each side and started to put the flooring down. I made the flooring out of oak wood planks so it would look nice inside the house and then I put thin glass windows, 2 down stairs each side and 2 upstairs each side to make it look like a real house. So once I did all the outside of the house I started doing a bit of the inside of the house like furniture. First I did the living room,then kitchen,then dining room,then I did the stairs which was the last thing of down stairs to do. So I made a stairs to lead up to the second floor which was the very last floor and I made two bedrooms, a bathroom and a very nice storage room to keep in stuff that I don’t need to have so then my house was finally  finished. It took me about 4 hours because I took my time on it and to make it look nice and the best house ever I ever built in my lifetime. So I had an idea in my head I thought of making a really good city with lots of buildings and other stuff, so that city took me 2 weeks to make and I finally finished it and I called the city New York .

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  1. Mrs McCool says:

    Fantastic to go to Karate classes – good exercise and you will make friends who are also interested in self defence and keeping fit.

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