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This is what I started on Minecraft. Today I am making my house out of bricks where the tree is. I cut the tree down to make my house and I put lights at night so I can see if I am out . Today I built a new house to live in and it is for my to go to bed if I work out of me first house at night. If you stand on a thin plate it will open and closes the door  in all my house and all my house are done to day. I’m going to my a big fence so I can be safe at night if I make a new house .I will make the fence bigger so I can be safe.

Today I have been making my fences up to keep my self safe in my house at night . But it is not finish  yet but next time I go on Minecraft I will finish it,to be safe in the fences.

I have been building  a train track to get to my two house, and it will be easy to get to one of my houses and to be safe, and it will be fun.



Today I began to build castle  walls and soon when it is finished I will use stone and wood to burn and volcanic stone to burn at night and it is half done and it is now at night and I have not had any sleep yet and have put light on one then skip two then put one and it will be over my house and it will be very, very big but it will very dark.


Today on minecraft i have build a new house and then i’m going to make a mine to mine  and gold to make armor and weapons and next week i will make a cave to make armor and weapons and i will make a tree house.

15/10/13. Today on Minecraft I found an ice lake and  I put TNT on top of the lake and I made a house on top of a hill and next time on minecraft I will blow up the TNT and it will make a cave and  in the cave I will make a house in the cave and in the cave I will make it a mine to and I will put train tracks in the cave.

Tell me about Stargate  please Ben. Mr Williams.

There are many types of Stargate here is one of them Stargate SG-1 and there is two more types.

Mass Effect is a game on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. There are three Mass Effect games, the first one is when Commander Shepard becomes a spectre and there is a council and Shepard only answers to the council. He has to find a rogue  spectre who  has an army called the Geth and there are AI machines  which was made by  a race call the Quarian the Geth drive them form they home world. Shepard has to kill the rogue spectre and has army of Geth.

Mass effect 2 is when Shepard was killed on his ship the Normandy was attack by a race called the  Collectors ship but group  call Cyprus and the rebuilt him and one of the old crew of the Normandy call Ashley Williams was on a planet and Shepard when to try and help some of the people on the planet call  Freedoms Progress but Shepard was too late to help the people of Freedom Progress the people they was kidnap by the collectors so Shepard hat to build his team to fight the collectors base.  He found a ship that look like a ship that the rogue spectre had on the ship was a geth that was not the geth that Shepard has kill the geth but this geth could talk but the rest could not talk. The geth was called Legion Shepard mad him part of his crew but one of the crew members  like him the crew members call Tali she was a Quarian and she hats all geth for what they did five hundred years age . When Shepard went on a mission the Normandy was attack by the Collectors ship the Collectors kidnap the crew but one his name is Joker he is the pilot of the Normandy . Joker when to the omega 4  relay to get to the Collectors base to stop them from kidnapping more human people from there homes Shepard got to the omega 4 relay and when he got there they was a graveyard of ship that trip the omega 4 relay and they failed and the Collectors had fighters they and they attack the Normandy SR-2 the Normandy had new hull plating and new weapons the fighters was take down by the Normandy and Joker said to Shepherd that the Collectors  were sending a old friend to great them the Normandy destroy  the Collectors ship and the Normandy crash into the Collectors base and Shepard hat to get to the power center to destroy the base and shepard hat to get out of the base before it blow up and he did  he when back to earth.

Mass Effect 3 is after Shepard blow up the Collectors base and he has loss has ship and his rank and he is no longer a Specter and he is which 24/7 and he was call to see the defense council and when is was tracking the the defence council and a message from london and in the message the Reaper was attack and just then a Reaper ship was there and the reapers kill the defense council on earth. Shepard and Admiral Anderson had to get to the Normandy and get out of there when there got to the RV point there was reaper troops. Attack them and the Normandy kill the rest of the Reaper and Shepard got on board the Normandy but Anderson stay to help in the fight and he reinstated Shepard rank his commander and he hat go to the citadel to get help for the fight on earth but first he hat to go to Mars.

Minecraft update.

Today on creative i finish off the wall that i didn’t complete and  now i am upgrading my train track and when i was digging in the cave that i dug i found another cave so i started to put  light up so i can see where i am going and then i  began to put down tracks and put bricks down to have a straight  track. Soon i will finish the underground train track and see if i can find more caves to upgrade my train track and then i am going to upgrade.

Minedate 27.11.14

Today i have made very very long train track today and at the end they is a very big drop and it have been doing it for a long time now but today it is done. The track has been going on for about three week more or less that three week but it is so big it has gone on for about 21 days and 18 nights that minecarft days and nights not real days and night. The next time i am on minecarft i am going to make a very big wall that will go around all that i have made in minecraft.


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  1. Mr Williams says:

    Looking forward to see how this develops Ben! Just have a read back to see if the last bit makes sense, and check the word after ‘thin’ ;-). Great stuff!

  2. Mrs Boyhan says:

    Dear Ben,

    We can see you have built an awesome castle / house.

    We think it is very smart how you have built a fence around your house to protect it. Great transport how you built a train track to get to your house.

    We look forward to seeing more building.

    From Grade 3/4LB
    Mrs Boyhan’s Class
    Melbourne Australia

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