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Hi my name is Morgan i am 12 years of age, my birthday is in February. I live with my mum my two brothers my oldest bro name is Jay he is 14 and my youngest brother is call Cameron  I like cooking  in school. When I go home I like to play with my friends. I go up my dads on a every other weekend and on a Monday and Tuesday. I love to spend time with my family. I love to make friends.

Welcome back.

Well you know a lot about me or ready so i dont need to tell you a lot about me but i have some knew news my mum is having a nother baby it is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started cadets last sunday i was marching for remembran sunday. I have not been there long, i have all my kit like a beray, surt, trusers, army shinny boot.

Morgan’s Christmas message


Girls if you love fashion you you will love this app. You can make your own outfit it is so fun and you can design your own living room. I love making out fits they have all different stills. You need to check it out just tip in polyvore on app store have a go its so fun.

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  1. Mr Williams says:

    This is fab Morgan, can you find the word brother, and see if any of your words need capital letters?

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