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This is a screenshot of Minecraft. Minecraft is a rpg game . when you get in the game you will spawn in a random byiome. You first get wood  by chopping trees. more next week.

This is in the Nether, there  are 4 mobs , 1 is a zombie pig men mob, another one  is a blaze. more next time. To day i have  made a xmas tree and helped Tom.

21/1/13 Today i help Jake how to play minecraft for the pc and how to make tools. like wood pickaxe and wood sword.






This is my minecraft test  for new things . The horse name is Jeff . and a fantin of water and a fantin of laver. and  a shanduler and the sheep name is called  Bob.

Christmas Tree


I used the new dark wood  for the bark and i used the glowstone for the lights and reds wool and green wools and i used the new  red stained glass and i used emerald blocks.

Eagle-Eye Iwan

IMG_20140204_083453 (1)


On Mondays I go to scouts, my Dad is a scouts leader. I did rifle shooting at scouts and I had 5 pellets to shoot in the target and I miss 1 and hit 4 and I clipped the bullseye

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3 Responses to Iwan’s Page

  1. Stuart Ball says:

    Always wondered what minecraft was. Thanks for this description. Looking foward to you telling us more.

    Is it free?

    Can I play it on an Xbox 360?

  2. Alessio says:

    Hey Iwan and Tayla,
    I love Minecraft and my boys love it too! They have great fun playing it together with the iPad. Did you know you can connect two, or more iPads/iPhones/iPod Touch and play simultaneously?
    What buildings have you made? We once made an underwater house 🙂

  3. Mr Williams says:

    This looks fantastic Iwan. Can you explain what a mob is the next time you get to blog please? Thanks.

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