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Hi my name is Megan and I have a bro call  Matthew he is in Llantarnam school with me and in Llantarnam i have lots  of  friends in school but my best friend  are Chloe and Rochelle. I like school its ok and now we have snow we have 3 days off because of it and I like talking to  my friends on Skype  we have lost of fun and they are all funny and I like play on my pc. i like music, i like 1d and i going swimming on Friday and cdt on monday and Wednesday with my cousin and i work on saturday with  one of my cousin.  And in cdt we have lots of fun and im going to my D of E with them and my Nan is a CI there to my bro was but he did not like it there. 7/3/13 Temple run is a good game, they have 2, temple run and temple run 2 i think temple run 2 is the best and how do you play it? its fun all you do is run fall off and tilt it to get the coins I think it the best game I have on my iPod and i have lost of game on they but that is the best of all my game. 11.4.13 We make a potsd of clabey that are dlasti and i did not kown that they where dlasti and that was cool becaues I didi not kown thay where are  dishait. We mae a poster of celebrity that are dyslexic and i did not know that they were dyslexic and that was cool because I did not know they where are  dyslexic. 17/10/13 I am mad about One Direction, Mr Williams asked me to do some research, this is what I did. Niall Horan Niall is in one direction and dob 13th September 1993  his star sign is virgo his is from Ireland  and his home town is Mullingar in Ireland , Niall is left-handed , his favourite colour is blue , his favourite movie of all time is grease , his good luck mascot is a pair of white socks and he has an older brother called Greg. When Niall’s mum visited him in the Us he wouldn’t let her pay for anything , playing the guitar is one of Niall’s many talents and Niall the only member  of one direction who was not born in the Uk. Harry Styles Harry dob- 1st February 1994 and he making him the youngest member  of one direction and his star sign is Aquarius and his home town the village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire and Harry’s musical heroes are the Beatles and also a huge cold play fan and his favourite tv  show is Family guy. his fave movie is love actually although he tells everyone its fight club to seem more manly and Harry favourite song of all time is free-falling by John Mayer and makes a brief cameo appearance is Ed Sheehan unofficial video for his single , ‘Drunk’, it was filmed backstage at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Liam Payne Liam dob-29th August 1993 and his star sign is Virgo ,his home town is Wolverhampton ,Liam loves watching toy story trilogy and he  the movie Marley & me made him cry ,he’d like to invent an ant-spoons app for mobile phones. He’s also a West Bromwich Albion football fan , he would love to go into space and he does a great Kermit the frog impression , Liam started crying during one of the band’s performances of more than this. Zayn Malik Zayn dob- 12th January 1993 and his star sign is Capricorn , his home town in Bradford west York shire  , Zayn has a soft spot for intelligent girls and Adonis , Waltham and safe the name of Zayn three sisters. Until he was in One Direction , Zayn didn’t have a pass port and his favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson and he reckons he used to be a bit  of a geek when he was younger and liked to collate comics. Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson dob 24th December 1991 he’s is the oldest member of one direction , he’s star sing is a Capricorn , he’s home town is pon caster ,   south Yorkshire Louis reckons the band always eat Haribo sweets before gigs. “We do the sweets like they’re drinks.”  We ‘cheers’ them it’s was very strange , but it’s for good luck.Louis and Harry are the only members of  one direction so far who have passed there driving tests. One Direction  !!!!!! One direction are an English – Irish pop band based in London consisting of Niall Horan , Zayn Malik ,Liam Payne , Harry Styles and  Louis Tomlin son. They are signed with Simon Cowell record label Syco records after being form

ed and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised media one direction singing competition the X Factor in 2010.

Microsoft USB Stick

Mr Williams give me and Megan a Microsoft USB stick  to use to do our work for him.  And it is a 2GB so we can do lost of work for him on it.


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  1. Bev Evans says:

    Wow! Well done Megan! You have done an excellent job researching One Direction. I didn’t know anything about their star signs and I’d love to see Liam’s impression of Kermit the Frog!
    My son has a friend called Brogan and she loves One Direction too. I will make sure I show her your blog post – she will love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing. You have really worked hard and I really enjoyed reading this and you presented it very clearly. Keep it up!

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