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Flash iPad Browsers

Today I used twitter to find some apps that can access flash games. @tes_SEN was very helpful,  I haven’t tried them yet but when I do I’ll post my feedback.

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The Sugar Loaf

THE SUGAR LOAF On Sunday we went to Sugar Loaf with my 3 bruves. It is in Abgveney. It is a mountain with  lots of rocks on top.

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Jack’s pages

Today we looked at some people that were dyslexic. I could not believe some of the people that were. there people that were known for being intelligent like Steve jobs and Albert Einstein. Famous dyslexic people.

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Edwin’s Blog

My name is Edwin, I’m in year ten and I go to Llantarnam high school. My favourite lessons in school are P.E. and drama, I like them because they’re fun and i’m good at them. When i have PE, sometimes we do table tennis but I don’t like it. … Continue reading

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Kieran’s Sketchpatch & Scratch This is what I’ve been doing at home. I’m going to try to improve it and to try some more stuff like make the colours change. this sketch took me half an ower. I have first did the size … Continue reading

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