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Icarly is a popular web show about a girl called carly and her three friends called Freddie Benson  that does the camera and Sam Puckett that just Carly’s partner and Gibby thats the entertainer that do a webshow

Nathan Kress ,Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck ,Miranda Cosgrove  Also this are all the actors .

Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay)

Miranda Cosgrove

by Lauren & Megan

My DS games

On my Nintendo DS lite i have loads of games which are Lara Croft  Tombraider, Cooking Mama lets eat, girlz only (which is a few games where you put makeup on an girl, pet your own cat, design a studio and have a restaurant), spyro, imagine doctor, imagine babysitter, imagine wildlife, cooking mama garden and lots more. My favourite out of the games that i just said was imagine wildlife because i love animals, you get to care for them and then you can find them out in the wild and count how many animals and see where they are hurt its a bit like being a vet.

by Lauren

i have got a new phone which is xperia j

Starting with my pictures and camera, as i go my my pictures my phone will light up at the bottom the most colour on the photo. you can crop it, edit it, rotate to the left and right and also make a slide show. When you do take a photo you can decide to have back or front.

There is an app for free called play store if you click on it you can have apps for free or buy it there are some apps for games, books, music, magazines, movies and even more apps to have facebook, twitter, weather and stuff like that. There was already apps on my phone which was youtube, facebook, twitter, talk, navigation, play movies, movies, play book, amazon, ebay, trackID and more other cool apps. I have already downloaded, music paradise, tapped out, cut the rope, kik, skype, pocket legends and song pop for free.

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