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Hanah’s singing

My name is Hanah i love to sing, I’ve started singing along time ago! I taught my self i dont really go to lesson’s i just like to learn by my self! (Hanah had to leave early but here are  2 … Continue reading

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Ben & Jamie – Minecraft

We started to play survival mode on minecraft but we don’t no how to cook food . Today, I have been playing on minecraft and been make my house and putting up a barrier to be safe and getting some pets and it hard to do this … Continue reading

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Rugby world cup rankings 2012!.

my rugby world cup rankings 2012? what i am gonna be talking about today is about wales in there rankins?… are in 6th with 82.26 ranking points?…..but before that wales was in 4th just behind south Africa because we aint in 4 … Continue reading

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Ben & Ellie’s Woodland Report

A catkin is basically a little    fury  flower . They come out in spring. This one was on the tree that has fallen down  in our wetlands area. This is  our   pond .This  is where we took the picture. we saw tadpoles in the pond, there are lily … Continue reading

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