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Rhys, Arran and Ieuan

Please reply to this from home. I want to know how you built the swimming pool in Minecraft, and Arran, update your Greenfoot blog and tell us about the Arduino. Mr Williams

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Jack’s Stars

These are my stars and Mr Williams told me how to do them. I used PAINT PENS,  you got to wet them to make them work. To day i practised my spelling like guitar and disguise and guide. MR Williams should me the … Continue reading

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Ben & Ellie met Miss Evans on Groupboard

We spelled oy words on the Groupboard and we had fun. Miss Evans drew a smiley face on it.

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Our first Groupboard

Today we found a new thing named groupboard.Groupboard it was fun it is a thing that you can write to your friends.You can chanched different colours and size. Jake Jordan

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My first go on Groupboard

We played on Groupboard  for the first time. We can rite a word and everyone can see it. I woos the laptop Jordan was on the phone Mr williams was  on the iphone . by Abby

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