Rugby on Sunday

On Sunday, I had a rugby match and we played agenst Abregveney. we beat them 51-0 and I scored 3 tries. Oliver

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6 Responses to Rugby on Sunday

  1. Mr Williams says:

    I play rugby too, I play for Llantarnam school. I play centre, What do you play? Jack h

  2. Mrs Boyhan says:

    Wow what a very convincing win. Well done. Certainly a lot better than Australia is doing in the cricket at the moment. What is your favourite sport or position to play in rugby?

    Mrs Boyhan
    Melbourne, Australia

  3. Mr Williams says:

    Hey Oliver, I like that you scored 3 trys in the match, good for you keep it up, you will be a great rugby player like Shane William keep it up. I play rugby, not making anything up now, but I scored 32 trys in my old school for my team so keep it up James k.

    • Mr Williams says:

      thanks for your comment James, what position do you play, and what school did you go to and where are you now? FROM OLIVER

  4. Mr Williams says:

    I go to Llantarnam school im in year 10 now, i sometimes play wing or full back for my old school and i went to Coed Eva school:). James

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