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Jamie’s Spellblog

build, guitar, disguise, biscuit,  guide, guilty, beach, Saturday, Wednesday spaghetti particle athletics

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Ben C’s Spellblog

build, guitar, disguise, biscuit, guide, guilty, beach, Saturday, Wednesday, spaghetti, particle, athletics,

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Jack’s Bigtrak Blog

Today I leant how to do a figure of eight and it took me to goes to figure out how to do it  . these are the commands I used – forward 3 -left 15 forward-3 right-15-forward-3-right-15 forward-3 right-15 forward -3 right-15 forward-3 left-15 forward-3 left-15 forward-3

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Joel’s Bigtrak Challenge.

Today, I went outside with Mr Williams, and i went on the yard with bigtrak on to the field and the   grass was lumpy.  Then we went to the stones and it didnt work very well and then we went up … Continue reading

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Rugby on Sunday

On Sunday, I had a rugby match and we played agenst Abregveney. we beat them 51-0 and I scored 3 tries. Oliver

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