Ben’s mnemonic

I have made a way to rember to spell COME.

crazy, octpus, might,explode.


thank you Miss Evans, can you do some  more?

from Ben

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12 Responses to Ben’s mnemonic

  1. Stuart Ball says:


    Ben Really Intelligent Like Lots

  2. Great mnemonic Ben! Well done!

    A “Crazy Octopus who Might Explode” is a very memorable picture to keep in your head!

    I like this a lot!

  3. Mrs Duxbury(year 6 teacher) says:

    wow, what a clever clogs you are! Great thinking!

  4. Jan Webb says:

    Amazing! Well done Ben! I can’t wait to see what word you try next!

  5. Terrific, Ben. Can I show this to the children I teach please? It will give them good ideas for making their own mnemonics.

  6. hilary hayward says:

    Excellent mnemonic!!

    Crazy octopus might explode!

    Well Done Ben!

  7. Bev says:

    Would you mind if I drew some pictures to go with your mnemonics, Ben? I will send them to Mr Williams for you. Let me know if that’s okay – you’re working really hard and coming up with some fantastic ideas.

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