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So we’re going to listen to Oliver Magor and he’s going to tell us what he had for Christmas. Hello, my name is Oliver, I had amazing Christmas at Disneyland I wish I could stay every day for Christmas I had some Pokemon DS I also had some games to play on my DS I have some Pokemon cards I had a phone and a pokedex and Pokemon book and I will also had a massive teddy it was the biggest one you could think of I had amazing Christmas at Disneyland have one on every rollercoaster there a set for Indiana Jones on tower of Terror Disneyland my favourite rollercoaster what does Space Mountain have loads of fun playing on it I’m going on it I want I want one of my friends in Disneyland I had loads of friend I loved it it lived up to his name was amazing roller coaster the best one I’ve ever been on.

NB. This was written with dictation.io , a free speech to text engine. It would normally take Oliver 20 minutes or more to write this much compared with the minute or so it took to turn his thoughts to words using the speech-to-text engine. Food for thought…

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Emrys- some random thoughts

The Black Vision

I slowly and nervously walk into a dark alley way, my right eye starts crying in depression for some reason. I can now hear someone breathing behind me, I suddenly look around and here is no one there, but a dead end but that was the way I walk in. Then a voice talks you have made a big mistake your death will be slow and painful. Suddenly a black figure appears in front of me. His got a knife in his hand and I getting this weird feeling of fear has he walks towards me. He grins and leaps out at me, his knife goes through my heart but I don’t die. Blood flies everywhere and the pain is too much to handle the figure is gone. I sit were waiting…. When I suddenly wake in a hospital and my heart is beating extremely fast. I think to myself that was weird, has a shadow moves weirdly on a wall the face of the shadow is the same as the black figure in the alley way. The shadow walks out of the wall. Its mouth opens to a huge size. In fear I leap of my bed my head lands on the floor of my bedroom. I say to myself what a weird nightmare. Then a voice says those were visions but this is real now you will die and the black figure appears in front of me again. Suddenly my right eye let out tears of depression….



He is really depressed leading to lots of depressing thing and nightmares the black figure is only one of the things his seen in is time of depression.


Idea of how it could start


As I wake up I have this weird feeling like something bad is going to happen but I can’t quite get my finger on it. Anyway I get dressed for school and go down and have breakfast I look out the window has I have my breakfast the trees wave in the wind and the birds singing there morning song to each other. After finishing breakfast I start and walk to school. On the way


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Captain Tom Marvel Universe

Hi everyone my name is Tom, My life is awesome, I collect comics and I love marvel. I live with my mum and dad, I live in Caerleon. I am 14 years old, plus there is an amphitheatre. My hobbies are cooking, drama, art and of couse marvel. My best friends are Troy, Joshua and Emrys. The Silver Surfer is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character also appears in a number of movies, television, and video game adaptations. The character was created by Jack Kirby, and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four #48, published in 1966. Sometimes he does suvers Galactus is a big being who destroyed planets  to survive. My favourite superhero is Captain America. Captain America had his superpowers in a science lab. I am kind and funny. My favourite football team is Liverpool and my favourite player was Steven Gerrard but now it is Adam Lallana. I like playing games like star wars battlefront,fifa 16 and outher games. The films I like are Captain America Civil War,Guardians of The Galaxy,Ant Man,Avengers and Doctor Strange. I know Marvel started in 1939 and the was founder Martin Goodman. I also know the palace of their origin was United States.  I know other films coming soon and these are Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2,Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War Part 1, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War Part 2, Captain Marvel. And I just found out we lost Bill Paxton at the age of 61 he was born in 1955 and in 2017. My favourite colour is blue and I like pizza and Chinese.

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Tyler’s Page

Hi my name is Tyler. I live in South Wales. Mae hobbies are Doctor Who, Marvel, History, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, ps4, Gangs, Girls and Games. Since I was young I loved Doctor who I was fascinating with Time Lords, Space, blue box and monsters. Food I love nearly everything I lick Indian, salad, Chinese and KFC. I like fishing in rivers I watch river monsters big man fish like catfish, piranha, tiger fish, snakehead, eel and bull sharks and more. I am a believer in the paranormal of ghost’s. Mae weaknesses Are bee , wasps, hornets and rides. I like studying warfare down to Romans war, Celts war , Vikings war , Zulus war , Boer war, Napoleonic ,ww1, ww2 , Vietnam war, Russians wars, Indians wars and American wars. On the  I learned that Americans were go in to in fad Canada but Canada was owned by the British. Canada with Indians and British fort them off then American burned Executive mansion but British march dc and fort in a battle that Americans lost and beadle British burned dc and the white house the fire cod be seen from Virginia a bad day for America. I do get interested in groups like the soviets, Nazis and the kkk but soviets are my ferret. Its Christmas time the birth of Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem. we break up on 16 of December we bather Christmas day I’m going to have dvd and games. on Christmas we go to my nans at 5 ash for a family party but it chums chick it wood be new year son after 2017. on TV its Christmas movies and episodes like doctor who , Mrs brown boys , Father Ted and more.


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Natasha’s page


Natasha will tell you all about Green Light next week.

well the idea of Green light is that she is a  high school girl and she can’t feel emotion and she Green Light is not a nice person, she hurts  people to get what she wants.  The blue things are her wings and the train is her hair and the amulet well it is the thing that all my characters have on them. And the thing on her eye is the thing that she see into the focha and you are not  supposed to see what on her eye until the end of the game.

Thank you for replying Mr John.

Well it started off  when she was a kid and  some one  sneaked  into her room and frightened  her and made her evil and then one day she went crazy. and she could see a girl name Magica ,   who was meen to Green Light. she hit Green Light and then Green Light want to kill Magica.

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