Jamie, Jack & Ellis’s Page


Natural Disasters is an amazing book. its about tornadoes, volcanoes, tsalarme, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides and other disasters.

Pompeii is a place in  Italy, it erupted  ad79 every one living there died the place is now reuinns and you can visit it the peaple have been petrified and you can see them and learn more…

Ellis tornadoes: tornadoes are twirly of death so if you go in one you will be twirling around in it it can throw you away. the biggest one was in 1997 but i call it godzilla, and its my favorite disaster…

Tsunamis  is a wave that cavers the island with water. 230,000 people died in Indonesia in 2004….

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Jacob’s Page

Hello my name is Jacob my blog will be about me and what I like to do. I like to play Xbox and go to the army cadet force. At cadets we march lots of machining we use rifles and do shooting on weekends when we go away. On summer camps we sleep out in the field with the rifles for the night and have to cook our food.

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Adam’s Page

Hi, I’m Adam and my blog is going to be everything new about chefs and their dishes. My favourite chef is Gordon Ramsay because he is not scared of anything and he is always up for a challenge.

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Frazer’s Page

Hello my name is frazer I play basketball  but I also play games like destiny, the witcher3 and borderlands.

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Jack, Toby, Nathan & Williams’s Page

I am  Nathan I like playing minecraft. Im Toby and my glassis ceep falling of . I am Jack and I crash my bicke. My nam is Will I  dont Like Minecraft.

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